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About DJShedG

My name is Shadrick Carr a.k.a. DJShedG, or Mr. Dedication Productions. I began my journey into music Id say almost 7 years ago. It all started with an idea of saying poetry over beats, and then it escalated into making beats with loops calling myself Gamechanga Beats. I soon taught myself a lil theory and how to play the piano plus how to rap so I became DJShedG for my rhymes and Dedication Productions for my beats, and all my other production wise stuff.

Im a 23-year-old country boy from Anniston Alabama who always had big dreams of manifestation, just no idea of how to pull those ideas out. I knew I wanted to go independent when local amateurs who werent that much better than me wanted to charge me for help so I picked up a book and started reading. I was attending Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University for Music Business and I ended coming home sick for 3 months and thats when the ideas, plans, and goals were born.

I have analyzed the industry from a new mind state and a new perspective compared to when I was young and I thought everything was cool I finally see that its not. I want to release and write positive music something with meaning that can inspire a kid change the conversation of the world to something positive. Its babies out here having babies, kids killing, and with all the other disastrous, pointless and evil things going on in the world its the best time to speak some positive. If I can pick these kids brains with my words maybe theyll focus on something productive instead of something destructive.

Currently I attend Full Sail University pursuing my bachelors in audio production, which I did recieve my certification in that as well. I make beats, write and produce my own songs, and I'm also exploring cinematography for music videos and I'm exploring web design as I'm designing this website. I knew I wanted to be independent, because I'm really not the type to ask for help. Google is your best friend so anytime my curiosity jumps up I just do some quality research, and before you know it I can teach myself this and that so that's how it all started. I'm still expanding, still growing, and still researching and finding new ways to improve myself as a musician, and also myself as an artist and a brand.